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March 27, 2013

a little like freedom

by kmcopeland


These are the things that I find on the internet and think, “well gd, I wish I woulda thought of that.” Corbin LaMont created this project, A Little Like Freedom, in which she printed 20 copies of 25 different posters and hung them on the streets of Portland. Each poster is a dedication to one person she has encountered in her life. As she describes it:

“This is about your ex-lovers, your ex-darlings and your unrequited love…These are the thoughts, memories and unsaid words left behind. The afterthoughts. One sentence for one person who has been in your life.”

She did the first 25 and then started accepting admissions, so the last 25 are reader-submitted. And they’re all so good. Pretty effing brilliant. It’s definitely worth taking a looksie.

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