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July 20, 2011

take off your coat & stay awhile

by kmcopeland

I have wanted wallpaper in my house for the last five years – ever since I visited Sweden one Christmas and flipped through an issue of Sköna Hem that had a story on its comeback in the world of home decor. I have finally decided that I am brave enough to do it. Wallpaper in the entryway is happening, my friends. Here are a few of the pictures that have inspired me to take the plunge:

via Sköna HemBolaget

via Alvhem Mäkleri

via Alvhem Mäklericoco + kelley

via Alvhem Mäkleri

via Bolaget

via Bolaget

April 5, 2011

inspired by [april]

by kmcopeland


This month, I’m all about floral patterns in electric hues.  And matching those floral patterns to your furniture as much as possible. Honestly, I had way too much fun with this post. I literally couldn’t stop finding clothing/decor matches! I wanted to find more, but Henrik made me stop. At first he was interested and (almost as) excited (as me), but I think he was over it the third I hit his arm loudly exclaimed  “Look! I found another match!”  I guess some people just don’t understand that sort of excitement. Hmph.

By row, left to right: Baronessa Tray [Huset]; Rose Napkin [Crate & Barrell]; Battersea Sofa [Anthropologie]; Smudge Floral Trapeze Top [ASOS]; Petite Rose Skirted Dress [Topshop]; Floral Mini Skirt [Zara]; Floral Shorts [H&M]; Quilted Mini Floral Bag [Need Supply]; Flower Field Shoes [Forever 21]; Poppies Pillow [Crate & Barrel]; Conservatory Chair [Anthropologie]; Amy Butler’s Field Poppies Wallpaper [Graham & Brown]

April 4, 2011

take five

by kmcopeland

Inspired by this pretty painting by artist Frank W. Benson. Here’s to sun-kissed Mondays!

pictures from here, here, here, here and here

March 29, 2011

paper animals

by kmcopeland

Clockwise from top left: Osborne & Little, Scalamandre, Osborne & Little, and Lulu DK

I’m kind of obsessed with animal wallpaper ever since seeing it in the latest issue of Rue Magazine (see this post, bottom left corner). Maybe it’s because I miss having a pet in my life; maybe it’s just because it’s freaking awesome, but I heart it big time.  I think those dogs would have a kickass time in my (future) entryway/foyer or giving me a fun little surprise as the lining in the back of a bookcase.  Bad news is, they only have sellers in Stockholm and major cities in the US (frown). I am seriously considering a customized stencil with pugs, boston terriers (maybe french bulldogs?), weiner dogs and boxers. Thinking cap on!

March 28, 2011

take five

by kmcopeland

Images via Hus och Hem (here and here), Design*Sponge, emmas designblogg, and Rue Magazine

Like the majority of people I know, I pretty much hate Mondays. They’re just so…blah. (my inability to think of a better word than “blah” can be directly blamed on my case of the Mondays, for example).

How do I get out of the Monday blues? I hit the internet h-a-r-d so I can fill my head with pretty things. This post is all about sharing my finds with you – here are five pretty pictures to cheer you up and give you a respite from this oh-so-shittiest of days. Go ahead, take five minutes to enjoy them!

March 23, 2011

wishful wednesday [deko]

by kmcopeland

This week’s installment of wishful wednesdays features a home from Deko, a Finnish magazine I found through this blog that I love.  Things I love about it include: 1) that they put their records on display and have a giant A on their wall (you might also remember that I’m really feeling this color palette lately);

2) the chevron floors (duh) and painted legs of the dining room table (a nice alternative to the painted chairs that you see so often these days);

3) the light, bright and airy kitchen;

4) that amazeballs wallpaper that I want likerightnow;

5) that ridiculously cute elephant vignette and monkey hook in the kids room; and,

6) everything about the simplicity and rustic feel of this balcony (porch?).

This lesson is concluded.

Photos by Jorma Marstio

March 14, 2011

feeling [lucky]

by kmcopeland

I’m feeling lucky. Predictable, I know, but I have good reason to be this cliché. You might recall that last week I was in need of happy thoughts because of our living situation. Well, the Swede and I found a flat last week that we love, and we decided to bid on it today!!  Here in Sweden, all interested parties are allowed to put a bid on a property so it essentially operates like an auction. Eeeee! Every appendage is crossed, but here’s hoping luck is on our side!

Clockwise from top left: Antoinette Fainting Sofa, $580 [Urban Outfitters]; Picture via Design Love Fest; Chevron Frame, $28 [Furbish Studio]; Wildflower wallpaper, €67 [ferm Living]; Diana’s Droplets Earrings, $28 [Anthropologie]; Twist screenprinted fabric, $8.50 [summersville]

February 17, 2011

Trendspotting: 70s Chic

by kmcopeland

In case you haven’t heard, the 70’s are back in full force. From the runways to home decor, the decade is having a major moment, and I kind of like it. Not in the avocado shag carpeting with orange kitchen kind of way so much as the craftsy kitsch meets 70’s glam kind of way.

Would I run wild with it in my entire house? I’d like to think not. But I do think the individual items are pretty sick on their own. Just look at that owl letter holder and tell me you aren’t happily humming the tune to “Three’s Company” and fantasizing about terrycloth onesies.

For the House:

1. Bargello Red & Blue Rug, $170 [Clayton Gray Home]
2. Springbok Benches, $1698 [Anthropologie]
3. Woods Wallpaper, Coral, $198 [Anthropologie]
4. Caviar Pendant Cluster Light, $3300 [Clayton Gray Home]
5. Owl Letter Holder, $24 [Urban Outfitters]
6. Fluted Curved Stool, $299 [Room & Board]
7. Midas Collection Glassware, $25-$60 [Design Within Reach]

For your Closet:

1. Dipped Front Shirt, $63 [ASOS]
2. Wooden Disks Necklace, $54 [ASOS]
3. Catarzi Felt Floppy Hat, $54 [ASOS]
4. Faux Snakeskin Platform Wedges, $150 [Topshop]
5. Rose Tiered Chiffon Maxi Dress, $135 [Topshop]
6. Vintage Flare Jeans, $70 [Gap]

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