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April 6, 2011

wishful wednesday [hus & hem]

by kmcopeland

I saw this home a while back at Hus & Hem, and I keep coming back to it. It’s so light, airy and happy, I can’t help but be cheerful when I look at it. And, as you know, I’m really feeling these soft pastel colors right now. What’s equally impressive to me is how color coordinated the entire house is. I’m way too ADD to do this, so this woman’s ability to stick to it just impresses the shit out of me. She even matches her outfits to her house. That, my friends, is dedication.

April 1, 2011

friday’s fancy [pretty pastels]

by kmcopeland

Gasp! For those who know me, this post may come as a surprise. I don’t think anyone would ever think I’d do a post about such a ladylike subject, but I like to keep you guessing! Despite overall impressions to the contrary, I can appreciate girly things. Sometimes. For very brief periods. Today is one of those days, and I’m embracing it and capturing it for posterity.

  1. Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Toilette, $85 [Sephora]
  2. Palermo Ocean Fabric [LULU DK]
  3. Ella Dress, $140 [J. Crew]
  4. Pale Pink Silk Frill Hem Blouse, $120 [Topshop]
  5. Sawyer Purse, $230 [J. Crew]
  6. Calandria Armchair, Longshore, $1600 [Anthropologie]
  7. Nails in World End Nail Polish, $10 [Topshop]
  8. Saucer of Cream Ring, $50 [Anthropologie]
  9. French Pouf, $65 []
  10. Gate Azure/Cream Rug, $650 [Dwell Studio]
March 2, 2011

Doors…rhyme with S’mores

by kmcopeland

Ok…I apologize for the temporary hiatus in my blogging. We were vacay-ing in Dublin for the weekend and got back on Monday (still can’t believe I can now write sentences like that). I totally planned to blog then, but the Swede and I came down with a some kind of mean Irish bug that sidelined us for the past two days. Now, I’m back in action to bring you a blog post about doors (s’mores have nothing to do with it, but I am craving something sweet…sorry to disappoint).

We had a great time touring the city and over the course of the weekend I became enamored with the brightly painted doors on all of the row houses. They added so much character to the city streets!

My friends are conducting a major facelift on the exterior of their house and since it will likely be many, many years until I get to paint a front door of my own, I am choosing to live vicariously through them! Their house is a newly painted greige color (I think it’s technically mushroom), so they’re considering turquoise or purple, both of which I love. While internetting this morning, I have also decided that a coral shade should definitely be considered.

First, some evidence why each of these colors would work with greige:

Via decor8, House of Turquoise and The Urban Farmhouse

Now, some fun pictures of doors painted in these pretty hues!

How about helping them about and picking your favorite? Leave your opinion in the comment section below and I’ll pass it along. Have a happy Wednesday!

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