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April 7, 2013

Sunday stalking

by kmcopeland

My ideal Sunday morning involves a big cup of coffee and Hemnet (Sweden’s real estate listing site). It’s fun to pretend that I could just pack up tomorrow and move into a bigger place. Preferably with fishbone floors. And a nice, big balcony. Today’s treat is this 4 room apartment in the Slöttstaden neighborhood of Malmö.

I want an apartment big enough for a wall of bookcases. Filled with books that I haven’t read yet (but will some day).

My favorite part is definitely the kitchen. The floors are amazing. And look how much cabinet space there is! Plus, I want those gold lamps. Real bad.

You can buy it here.

Photos courtesy of Bolaget.

April 27, 2011

wishful wednesday [simply swedish]

by kmcopeland

This wishful wednesday is a 2 room apartment in a lovely neighborhood of Malmö, for sale here via Bolaget. It’s Swedish simplicity at it’s finest.

March 22, 2011

malmö, beautiful

by kmcopeland

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, 11 degrees. I even had on short sleeves during my run. SHORT SLEEVES!

I’ve noticed lately that Malmö kind of gets a bad rap. Everyone writes about the high crime rate, the “industrial” feel, and the overall lack of style.

I have to respectfully disagree. I think there’s a lot of charm to any city that has a history of hard work. Maybe it’s not conventionally “pretty,” but it definitely has character. And sure, you won’t see runway looks on the streets of Malmö, but that’s only because people here are edgy and don’t simply mimic what’s “in style.” Instead, they take styles and make them their own. And the high crime rate is just laughable.

I plan on proving people wrong with this here blog, and here’s my first testament to this pretty city:




Rant over. On another note, I love how Instagram makes you an instantly amazing photographer!

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