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March 28, 2012

inspired by

by kmcopeland

Not too hard to guess what I’m looking forward to, is it? My goal for the spring is to create my own little indoor garden. Preferably one that is impossible to kill (given my record with household plants). Any suggestions as to what I should include?

Pictures from justina blakeney / decor8 / mike verbijlen / craftzine / purple areaapartment therapy

August 25, 2011

wishful wednesday (on a thursday)

by kmcopeland


I discovered the work of stylist Susanna Vetro via Trendenser, a lovely Swedish blog. Girl’s got skills, yo.

I’m especially loving the stark contrast of the above pictures, but there’s plenty of eye candy on her website if you’re more of a color kind of girl (or guy). Definitely worth a gander!

August 16, 2011

deja vu

by kmcopeland

I am currently pinning and bookmarking tons of art – I need to finish my art wall in the living room as well as find art for the kitchen and bedroom. In said art-hunting frenzy, I realized it’s been ridiculously long since I did a deja vu series. So today, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you another edition. As much as I love doing them, I don’t know why I haven’t done this more often.  Above, The Plunge by Lisa Golightly and dining room via Rue magazine.

The Pink Tablecloth
by Henri Matisse; living room via Estiloy Deco

Tannenwald Pine Forest by Gustav Klimt; dining room via decor8

Friendship Bracelet: The Story of Never Forget by Maya Hayuk; office via Haute Design

Bouquet of Flowers by Vincent van Gogh; living room via desiretoinspire



June 8, 2011

wishful wednesday

by kmcopeland

Yes, I know. This is not a house. But it definitely falls into the “it’s really pretty and I wish I could be that cool” category. Therefore, I share. It’s the Mociun pop up shop, and I’m insanely jealous of all the Brooklynites who get to go check it out.

A certain someone (ahem) also has a birthday coming up, and this ring just might be my Happy Birthday to me!

Discovered via Lena Corwin’s gem of a blog.

May 25, 2011

light & bright

by kmcopeland

These light and bright interior photos shot by Danish photographer Ditte Isager are a good reminder that summer is right around the corner…

May 16, 2011

take five [paul raeside]

by kmcopeland

I can’t remember now where I first saw Paul Raeside’s interior photography, but I find myself going through his portfolio quite often. Something about the way he captures the light really appeals to me – somehow very serious and introspective, and maybe even a little bit sad. This Monday, take five minutes to enjoy the photography of Paul Raeside.

May 15, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland

May 9, 2011

take five [orange you glad]

by kmcopeland

images via here, here, here and here

…you visited the blog today? Orange has really been grabbing my eye lately.  I think that, used in the right amount, it adds a dramatic and fun dose of color to a room or outfit.  Plus, it’s just pretty! So this Monday’s take five is all about giving you a five minute break from the boring and bringing some orange into your life. Enjoy!

images via here, here and here

via here, here, here, here and here

April 2, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland

  1. This eclectic home photographed by Martin Löf, found via Lotta Agaton (and pictured above)
  2. The cheerful artwork of Rachel Castle, found via Black*Eiffel
  3. Fun new blog “for those of us who can’t afford a stylist”
  4. Jeff Bridges’ photographs of the making of True Grit, found via
  5. Currently singing along to Cookies & Beans – one part Dixie Chicks, one part Iris Dement with some hints of jazz thrown in (I recommend “First We Take Manhattan”)
  6. J. Crew’s fall collection is purrrty
  7. Inspired by this new Australian shelter mag
  8. Blown away by this ridiculously creative post by Miss Moss
  9. I want this purse real bad.
  10. 80s Swedish music video awesomeness. You’re welcome.
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