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June 17, 2011


by kmcopeland

Saw this picture while perusing a blog favorite, My New Roots, for recipe inspiration and was immediately drawn to the bright colors. This is exactly how I want my summer to be – cheerful citrusy shades that make it impossible to be anything but happy. Happy Friday!

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April 18, 2011

take five [moss green]

by kmcopeland

Via Bolaget

I have been thinking that moss would be the perfect color for the bedding in our new place, and today I decided to find justification for this whim in my take five Monday. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Cozy? Check. Inviting? Definitely. A bit unexpected? I think so.

But wait, there’s more!…

via decor8

I love how it can be both feminine and masculine, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it paired with a wide range of colors. I am especially loving the idea of keeping our walls stark white and pairing it with teak like in the first picture. How perfectly Scandinavian of me. What are your thoughts? Do tell.

via Busy Being Fabulous

via vtwonen

via pretty green blogspot

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April 1, 2011

inspiration room [lonny]

by kmcopeland

So I’ve posted about this room from the last issue of Lonny before, but I really can’t stop thinking about it. I want to take that couch and breed it so I can have one to call my own. Wouldn’t mind the dining set, either. It’s just a very ballsy design that works so well.  In fact, I like this room so much that I am considering doing something inspired by it in our bedroom.  Here are initial thoughts:

Since this is, in fact, a fantasy, I felt obligated to put really expensive things in here that I would never be able to afford in real life.  Yay for living in pretty fantasy worlds! What do you guys think? Back to the drawing board?

Green Curtains, $50 [Z Gallerie]; Mirror, $300 [Z Gallerie]; Headboard, $350 [Urban Outfitters]; Black & White Stripe Pillows [Madeline Weinrib] Pink Pillow, $24 [Urban Outfitters]; Praying Mantis Pillow, $60 [Furbish]; Blue Cane Lamp, $300 [Clayton Gray Home]; Side Table, $200 [Anthropologie]; Striped Rug, $300 [Ikea]; Eames Lounge Chair, $800 [Room & Board]; Green Striped Pillow [Madeline Weinrib]  Cowhide Ottoman, $400 [Furbish]; White Cabinet, $1700 [Clayton Gray Home]

March 16, 2011

A Good Dose of Color

by kmcopeland

I stumbled across this apartment today and it made me smile. I found a section of Marie Claire Maison called Visites Privées, and though I can’t remember most of the French I studied, I’m pretty sure this means “Private Viewings.” So, I think it’s a private look into Europe’s elite, which I am totally down for (if you recall I kind of like to stalk people with more money than me). This is the home of Anne Geistdoerfer, a Parisian architect, and I just love her use of color. The colors she uses are bold (see lime green and fuchsia), but they are tempered by lots of neutral features so it’s not at all overwhelming. I dig it.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want a bright pink sink? What are your thoughts?

March 15, 2011

We’re Going on a Picnic

by kmcopeland

A friend of ours recently bought a 1960s Beetle, and I have to say we’re a bit jealous. Especially when said friend talks about all of the trips he plans on taking to the countryside once the weather gets nicer. He invited us for a spring picnic when it gets warmer, and I’m more than a little excited. Not that you could tell or anything. I am slightly obsessed with owning that vintage picnic basket. Look at it, it even has places for wine bottles. (I tried to be kosher and include a thermos and water bottle in my post, but I think we all know the basket would primarily tote bottles of vino.)

In other news, another person placed a higher bid on the apartment we’re after so we had to counter. This whole process is really anxiety inducing, which is even more justification for me owning that picnic basket…and two bottles of wine.

Clockwise from top left: Vintage Picnic Basket, $65 [Platsi Place]; Volvo picture via here; Corduroy Floor Pillows, $29 [Urban Outfitters]; Kelli Throw, $50 [Crate & Barrel]; Braided High Swedish Hasbeens, $220 [Swedish Hasbeens]; Conversational Pompom Scarf, $24 [Urban Outfitters]; Glass Water Bottle, $30 [Furbish Studio]; Classic Stanley Thermos, $48 [Urban Outfitters]; Round Tray, $50 [Furbish Studio]; Quilting Circle Napkin, $6 [Anthropologie]; Sahara sunglasses, $18 [Need Supply]

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March 14, 2011

feeling [lucky]

by kmcopeland

I’m feeling lucky. Predictable, I know, but I have good reason to be this cliché. You might recall that last week I was in need of happy thoughts because of our living situation. Well, the Swede and I found a flat last week that we love, and we decided to bid on it today!!  Here in Sweden, all interested parties are allowed to put a bid on a property so it essentially operates like an auction. Eeeee! Every appendage is crossed, but here’s hoping luck is on our side!

Clockwise from top left: Antoinette Fainting Sofa, $580 [Urban Outfitters]; Picture via Design Love Fest; Chevron Frame, $28 [Furbish Studio]; Wildflower wallpaper, €67 [ferm Living]; Diana’s Droplets Earrings, $28 [Anthropologie]; Twist screenprinted fabric, $8.50 [summersville]

March 11, 2011

Friday’s Fancy

by kmcopeland

Images via Rue Magazine, and emmas designblogg (here and here)

This Friday’s Fancy is all about bedrooms. In light of the fact that we don’t so much have a bedroom as a bed nook in our one bedroom apartment, my thoughts keep drifting to how nice it would be to have a proper bedroom that is relaxing and cozy. I would post a picture of the current state of things, but frankly, I’m too embarrassed. That and it would probably depress you.  I would much rather lust after pretty bedrooms online and pretend that I’m actually going to sleep there tonight.

All of these bedrooms caught my eye for one reason or another – like the dope birdy duvet, amazeballs bedside table and chair, and pretty wallpaper and  above. Here’s some more eye candy for your Friday viewing pleasure:

The gigantour mirror (1), funky bedside table (2) and pops of blue (3), my color of the moment.
Images via desire to inspire, Lonny and Elle Decor

The masculinity of the first room, art headboard in the second and fun green chair in the third.
Images via Elle Decor and Living, Etc.

Typical Scandinavian simplicity, my ideal of cozy slash I want to sleep here all day, and just plain ol’ pretty girliness.
Images via emmas designblogg, Living, Etc. and Bolaget

Mainly, though, I would lust after anything that had a door (meaning it was not part of any other room) and a bed that didn’t also function as a couch.

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