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July 26, 2011

project reupholster chair: accomplished

by kmcopeland

So I finally conquered the chair project I’ve had on my to-do list for about 3 months now! We found this chair for 100 kronors (about 15 bucks) at a yard sale and loved the shape. And, come on, it was 15 bucks.  The plaid fabric just didn’t scream “Katie” to me, so I decided to tackle a recovering project. I have no problem finding fabric I like  – finding fabric that I can also afford, on the other hand…not so easy. So, I decided to make my own fabric inspired by this Quadrille fabric that I love.

I went to IKEA and bought three meters of their basic white fabric, then went to the local hobby shop to buy some fabric dye. Here’s how I made her pretty:

I took off the old reupholstery jobs (two layers) and got down to the original fabric. We debated taking this off as well but thought it could be a can of worms, so opted to just leave it. I used the pieces of the old covers as templates to cut out the new pieces from the fabric.

I mixed the fabric paint with water to make it easier to work with and got paintin’. I waited 24 hours for the paint to dry and then ironed it to set the color. I wasn’t going to include this ironing picture because everyone pretty much knows how to do that, but the Swede is terribly proud of this iron, so I promised him it would be in this post.

I fitted the new fabric to the chair so it would be perfectly snug and then sewed everything together. Last step was nailing it in place and, voila, a brand new chair! Here it is one more time:

I am 95% satisfied with the results. The 5% dissatisfaction can be attributed to: a) wishing I would have done smaller brush strokes and had more zig zags, and; b) the small wrinkles that I can’t get out of the back because the chair has what can best be described as a pot belly – it’s fatter down towards the seat. If anyone has some suggestions for how to fix that, I’m all ears!

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