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March 27, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland

  1. Photos from the Vasser College archive on Flickr, via Miss Moss
  2. These funky Monkey Prints at Furbish Studio
  3. I Need Nice Things, a website devoted to making good art accessible and affordable, found via seesaw
  4. of these outfits.
  5. West Elm’s new modern collection that features Scandinavian-inspired goods for the kitchen and dining room.
  6. The apartment of blogger Dabito featured on sfgirlbybay
  7. When Like a Lark, a new favorite fashion tumblr page
  8. Amy Borrell’s illustrations are so lovely, I want all of them! Her blog is pretty, too.
  9. Loving this loft apartment. This blog is just pretty awesome in general.
  10. I discovered Jan Skacelik’s prints on Etsy some time ago, and I’ve been lusting after them ever since. He also has a very cool studio where he works his magic.
March 21, 2011

feeling [restless]

by kmcopeland

I am feeling a bit restless. I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with the close to three months of unemployment I’ve experienced. It could also be a result of the longest. winter. ever.  Either way, I’ve got ants in my pants and I’m ready to start doing something. Any and all suggestions and ideas are welcome. Happy Monday!

Images (clockwise from top left) are via Treasure Fey, Vogue, neatnatstyle, misswallflowerFound Magazine

March 19, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland
  1. I have a new favorite blogroll on tumblr, for obvious reasons.
  2. This is the cutest cat art by Jamie Shelman, via {wit+delight}.
  3. I must try these yummy looking brownies immediately.
  4. I can’t not post this in my weekly highlights, regardless of how much I don’t want to.
  5. This site documents an amazing street photographer, Vivian Maier, that I am now obsessed with.
  6. Can’t stop thinking about these colorful prints by Mara Caffarone.
  7. Great birthday present idea for moi (ahem, Henrik): this pretty geometric jewelry by mirta.
  8. Will try this hairdo for spring.
  9. Can’t no one say Biggie wasn’t a poet.
  10. Love these top to bottom looks done over at Pennyweight.
  11. BONUS: scary owl.

Photo by Vivian Maier, via John Maloof

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