February 4, 2012


by kmcopeland

Back in December, the Swede and I went to London for a long weekend to see my brother. I’ve been there before but was in serious tourist mode (must see this church, that tower, this museum). This time, I just explored. No plans, no must-see’s – just wandering around the different neighborhoods. We hit Portobello Rd and its amazingly large (and awesome) market, the streets of Camden town, and the vintage and record shops of Soho. We rounded off the trip with the obligatory fish and chips, Sunday roast and pints-a-plenty.

What a lovely, lovely city.

February 2, 2012

Hello again

by kmcopeland

As the Swedes say: it wasn’t yesterday! It’s been a while, friends. And I don’t really know where the time went. November, December and January have been a blur of trips, holidays and work (an unacceptable amount of work, actually).  I’ve also (finally) made some friends. So all the time I used to spend internetting I now spend being all social-like.

Regardless, I’ve missed these sharing and caring moments. And I want them back. Can we start again?

October 17, 2011

as of late

by kmcopeland

In an effort to share a bit more about what’s going on with me and the Swede, I’ve decided to start a new feature on this here blog. I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram and am convinced that it is impossible to take a bad picture with it, so I figure it’s a great way to share a bit of my everyday with all of y’all!

From left to right, row by row: A rainbow captured on my way home from Central Station / It’s äpplekaka (apple cake) season in Skåne and I plan on eating A LOT / Some new pillows I sewed for the couch / An early morning in downtown Malmö / The cutest pug puppy ever. / It’s not fall without a pumpkin





October 10, 2011

some pretty for your monday

by kmcopeland

Food photographer and blogger Katie Quinn Davies recently made a trip to The White House, a bed and breakfast in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. She snapped some photos while there and I stumbled across them today. This place looks amazing. It’s definitely added to my “hopefully one day…” list. These are just a few of my favorites, but you can see all of them here.

October 4, 2011

Alive and well

by kmcopeland

Source: tumblr.com via Terri on Pinterest

Wow. Where did those three weeks go? As most of you know, I got a job (yays!). While I’m beyond excited about the opportunity, it has definitely been an adjustment for me going from an, ahem, lady of leisure to a working woman. I don’t have the time that I once had – especially when you consider the three hours I spend commuting each day. Then when I get home I’m hitting the gym, playing with my dog, trying to be a good spouse or (most often the case) just plain worn out.

So, things have been so busy lately and, unfortunately, the blog is what’s fallen to the back burner. It’s not that I no longer enjoy doing it – I actually really miss it – it’s just that it takes a lot more time than you’d think to create thoughtful posts day in and day out! And I’d rather post nothing at all than something blah just for the sake of having a post.

I don’t typically get too personal on this blog, but because I think some of you might really care, I thought the radio silence was worth addressing. I want to keep blogging and sharing things that strike my fancy, but I’d also (if it’s ok with y’all, of course) like to get a bit more personal and share things from my everyday life. And before I go and change everything, I’d really like to know what y’all think. Any certain categories of posts that you’d hate to see disappear forever? Anything you don’t care if you never see again? Anything you want me to talk about more? Please, do tell.

In the meantime, I promise I’ll be better about posting more often.

September 13, 2011

five things

by kmcopeland

Wow, I am not doing too well at blogging these days. Here are, at the very least, five things that make me smile this week.

number 1 // a sun-drenched living room
number 2 // a perfect outfit for fall
number 3 // dancing on my own
number 4 // a minimalist desk
number 5
 // delicate wire works

September 6, 2011

five things monday

by kmcopeland

Mondays are hard when you’re a commuter. When the alarm clock rings at that ungodly hour, I’m always convinced that I’ve somehow made a mistake in setting it. I think it’s because the weekends lull you into this relaxed state where you’re no longer bound to a train’s time table – you’re an independent person with actual free will! It’s lovely. But then comes Monday and reality hits. But today I am choosing to fight my case of the Mondays with five things that make me think maybe this day isn’t so bad.

no.1 blueberry preserves & blueberry cupcakes
no. 2
no. 3 dreamweaver chair
no. 4 dreaming travel by Susan Schwake
no. 5 new shoes

August 28, 2011

outfit inspiration: the commute

by kmcopeland

With the new job, I’ve got commuting on my mind. I think this outfit would suit the daily trek just fine.

1. jacket / 2. shirt / 3. scarf / 4. shoes / 5. trousers / 6. journal / 7. rucksack

picture by Franco Matticchio via where the lovely things are

August 25, 2011

wishful wednesday (on a thursday)

by kmcopeland


I discovered the work of stylist Susanna Vetro via Trendenser, a lovely Swedish blog. Girl’s got skills, yo.

I’m especially loving the stark contrast of the above pictures, but there’s plenty of eye candy on her website if you’re more of a color kind of girl (or guy). Definitely worth a gander!

August 24, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland

20110824-115311.jpgA collection of things I’ve been peeping as of late…

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