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August 25, 2011

wishful wednesday (on a thursday)

by kmcopeland


I discovered the work of stylist Susanna Vetro via Trendenser, a lovely Swedish blog. Girl’s got skills, yo.

I’m especially loving the stark contrast of the above pictures, but there’s plenty of eye candy on her website if you’re more of a color kind of girl (or guy). Definitely worth a gander!

June 16, 2011

wishful wednesday (on a thursday)

by kmcopeland

 Wildly obsessed with this house – a renovated train station outside of Århus, Denmark.  I love how they started simple – white, black and wood – then threw in every possible shade of blue.

Photographed by Mette Helena Rasmussen for Sköna Hem

June 8, 2011

wishful wednesday

by kmcopeland

Yes, I know. This is not a house. But it definitely falls into the “it’s really pretty and I wish I could be that cool” category. Therefore, I share. It’s the Mociun pop up shop, and I’m insanely jealous of all the Brooklynites who get to go check it out.

A certain someone (ahem) also has a birthday coming up, and this ring just might be my Happy Birthday to me!

Discovered via Lena Corwin’s gem of a blog.

May 25, 2011

light & bright

by kmcopeland

These light and bright interior photos shot by Danish photographer Ditte Isager are a good reminder that summer is right around the corner…

May 18, 2011

wishful wednesday [whitecross farm]

by kmcopeland

Mark and Sally Bailey, a couple who have made a living for the past 25 years by “upcycling” industrial scraps and other peoples’ trash, share this home in the English countryside. Called Whitecross farm, it was built in 1764 and now serves as their home and boutique. You can tell from the pictures that they have a sincere appreciation for the character inherently present in older things – from the furniture they collect to the house itself.

I am usually not a fan of the rugged, industrial look because it just never feels or looks cozy to me, but in this case I can admit I’m wrong. The small collections, earth toned palette and beautiful textiles bring a definite feeling of home. My hands down favorite room, though, is the bedroom. The African textiles set against a background of white walls and old yellow paint peeking through in the ceiling is, in my book, absolutely perfect. You can read more about the house (in Swedish) here at Sköna Hem.

Gamla fruktlådor har arrangerats till hyllor på väggen. Det gamla elementet är bevarat i sitt ursprungliga skick.

Från trappan ser man ut i både köket och mot entrén, med det vackra gamla stengolvet som en röd tråd. Över dörrarna till bägge rummen har paret Bailey satt in glas, för att ljuset bättre ska släppas in i huset.

I matrummet står ett gammalt långbord som ingen längre minns varifrån det kommer. 1700-talsstolar i almträ, modell English wheelbacks, följde med gården i köpet. De får samsas runt bordet med några udda trästolar. Över bordet hänger glödlampor i enkla fattningar. Oljelampan i hörnet från Ealing studios.

Katten Lily är på jakt efter bästa platsen för en tupplur i sängen som Mark och Sally själva tillverkat av vattenledningsrör. Afrikanska mattor och plädar hänger runt om och fungerar även som överkast.

May 11, 2011

wishful wednesday [2:a in Malmö]

by kmcopeland

Just slightly obsessed with this apartment for sale here in Malmö. I love the juxtaposition of the soft pastels with stark black and white in the living room – so pretty. (the Carl Malmsten sofa ain’t bad either). And it’s the same story in the kitchen – a soft yellow paired with red and kelly green. Brilliant!

On a side note, it amazes me how many people there are in Sweden who have coats that match their apartments for sale.

April 27, 2011

wishful wednesday [simply swedish]

by kmcopeland

This wishful wednesday is a 2 room apartment in a lovely neighborhood of Malmö, for sale here via Bolaget. It’s Swedish simplicity at it’s finest.

April 20, 2011

wishful wednesday [österlen]

by kmcopeland

The Swede’s stepdad’s band is recording a new jazz album, and since the Swede is their photographer for this project, we went to the recording studio to take some pictures. The studio was in this guy’s (actually a famous Swedish sound technician named Ola …) old house in Kivik, a small town on the east coast of southern Sweden. He and his wife have bought this old run down schoolhouse and are slowly fixing it back up. Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures of the place because we were in a big hurry and only had time to photograph the band.  What we did get, however, was a serious case of the “we need to buy an old house in the country and fix it up” bug. Because we have just bought a new flat, this is obviously not something that will happen immediately. But we have both agreed that sometime down the road, that would be a lot of fun.

Until then, I will satisfy this desire by stalking villas on Hemnet. For today’s wishful Wednesday, I give you a 140 square meter villa in Hammenhög that’s being sold to the tune of 4.7 million kronor (roughly 700,000 USD). You can read more about it (in Swedish) and/or buy it here.

April 13, 2011

wishful wednesday [42 square meters in stockholm]

by kmcopeland


Today’s lust-worthy house comes to you from Stockholm. It’s only 42 square meters, but the owners have managed to make the space feel much bigger than that. It’s hard to not love the windows in this place, especially with the exposed wood window frames.  I really like how they skipped a big bookcase and instead opted for neatly stacked piles of books on the floor. As OCD as I am, I envy their ability to embrace the idea of organized clutter.  And the kitchen…I love the kitchen. From the tiled wall to the mint green cabinets, it’s got it going on. You can buy it here.





And I really, really want an old Chesterfield. The Swede is not convinced. Whose side are you on?




All pictures from here.

April 6, 2011

wishful wednesday [hus & hem]

by kmcopeland

I saw this home a while back at Hus & Hem, and I keep coming back to it. It’s so light, airy and happy, I can’t help but be cheerful when I look at it. And, as you know, I’m really feeling these soft pastel colors right now. What’s equally impressive to me is how color coordinated the entire house is. I’m way too ADD to do this, so this woman’s ability to stick to it just impresses the shit out of me. She even matches her outfits to her house. That, my friends, is dedication.

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