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March 27, 2013

a little like freedom

by kmcopeland


These are the things that I find on the internet and think, “well gd, I wish I woulda thought of that.” Corbin LaMont created this project, A Little Like Freedom, in which she printed 20 copies of 25 different posters and hung them on the streets of Portland. Each poster is a dedication to one person she has encountered in her life. As she describes it:

“This is about your ex-lovers, your ex-darlings and your unrequited love…These are the thoughts, memories and unsaid words left behind. The afterthoughts. One sentence for one person who has been in your life.”

She did the first 25 and then started accepting admissions, so the last 25 are reader-submitted. And they’re all so good. Pretty effing brilliant. It’s definitely worth taking a looksie.

October 10, 2011

some pretty for your monday

by kmcopeland

Food photographer and blogger Katie Quinn Davies recently made a trip to The White House, a bed and breakfast in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. She snapped some photos while there and I stumbled across them today. This place looks amazing. It’s definitely added to my “hopefully one day…” list. These are just a few of my favorites, but you can see all of them here.

August 18, 2011

real life inspiration

by kmcopeland


Have you seen the IKEA Family LIVE website? I just discovered it and it’s a collection of all the homes that have been featured in the IKEA LIVE magazine. It’s all about real homes done by real people, so I think it’s a great source for practical and attainable ideas. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the site.





July 19, 2011

well, that’s pretty

by kmcopeland

I might be incredibly late in sharing this gem, but I just discovered the online shop Pigeon Toe and pretty much love everything in it.  All items are hand crafted and, as they describe them, “naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming.” Their mission is to provide modern pieces that evoke the feeling of an heirloom from the past. I’d have to say they nailed it, wouldn’t you?

rocking votives / banded wood coasters / folded salt and pepper bowls / stacking thimble cups / striped vase / Scribble planter /  banded bedside carafe

June 9, 2011

well that’s pretty

by kmcopeland

Juliet Gorman’s ceramic work is pretty, indeed.

May 24, 2011

well, that’s pretty [anaise]

by kmcopeland

The selection of perfectly minimalist kitchenware at Anaise is quite pretty, don’t you think?

Akiko Graham round plateRhonda Zeilenga jewelry bowl / Akiko Graham soba choko / Rhonda Zeilenga tea cup / Akiko Graham square plate / Fog Linen Work butter knife / Fog Linen Work wooden bowl

April 28, 2011

well that’s pretty [sonia delaunay-terk]

by kmcopeland

Pictures above from here, here and here

Shameless plug for birthday and/or Christmas present: I really, really want one of Sonia Delaunay-Terk’s prints in our new flat.

Compositions Couleurs Idees No. 14 Limited Edition

Compositions Couleurs Idees No. 22 Limited Edition

Compositions Couleurs Idees No. 26 Limited Edition

Compositions Couleurs Idees No. 34 Limited Edition

Above pictures here

March 2, 2011

Pretty Prints

by kmcopeland

Birds on Wood Panel 3

I stumbled across greasychickenface (an artist, not an actual one) on one of my new favorite blogs,Covet Garden, and couldn’t get her cheerful bird prints out of my head. My favorite is actually a print on a wood panel, and it’s so fun I just had to share. It can be yours for $32.00.

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