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May 10, 2011

inspired by [may]

by kmcopeland

Moving sucks. So. much. shit. everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled – ecstatic even – that we have a new place to officially call home.  But at the same time, I wish a magic fairy would come and put everything away nicely and neatly so I can go to bed one night without a to-do list a thousand miles long constantly on repeat in my little ol’ head. So this month, I’m inspired to get organized with pretty storage solutions – from neatly stacked sweaters to colorful kitchen tins! Bring on the clutter.

trinket box / sweaters / zig zag bag / tray / tulip tins / tote bag / dresser / biscuit tins

April 5, 2011

inspired by [april]

by kmcopeland


This month, I’m all about floral patterns in electric hues.  And matching those floral patterns to your furniture as much as possible. Honestly, I had way too much fun with this post. I literally couldn’t stop finding clothing/decor matches! I wanted to find more, but Henrik made me stop. At first he was interested and (almost as) excited (as me), but I think he was over it the third I hit his arm loudly exclaimed  “Look! I found another match!”  I guess some people just don’t understand that sort of excitement. Hmph.

By row, left to right: Baronessa Tray [Huset]; Rose Napkin [Crate & Barrell]; Battersea Sofa [Anthropologie]; Smudge Floral Trapeze Top [ASOS]; Petite Rose Skirted Dress [Topshop]; Floral Mini Skirt [Zara]; Floral Shorts [H&M]; Quilted Mini Floral Bag [Need Supply]; Flower Field Shoes [Forever 21]; Poppies Pillow [Crate & Barrel]; Conservatory Chair [Anthropologie]; Amy Butler’s Field Poppies Wallpaper [Graham & Brown]

March 29, 2011

paper animals

by kmcopeland

Clockwise from top left: Osborne & Little, Scalamandre, Osborne & Little, and Lulu DK

I’m kind of obsessed with animal wallpaper ever since seeing it in the latest issue of Rue Magazine (see this post, bottom left corner). Maybe it’s because I miss having a pet in my life; maybe it’s just because it’s freaking awesome, but I heart it big time.  I think those dogs would have a kickass time in my (future) entryway/foyer or giving me a fun little surprise as the lining in the back of a bookcase.  Bad news is, they only have sellers in Stockholm and major cities in the US (frown). I am seriously considering a customized stencil with pugs, boston terriers (maybe french bulldogs?), weiner dogs and boxers. Thinking cap on!

March 17, 2011

help japan

by kmcopeland

Interested in other ways to help? A lot of artists have joined in the effort to raise money by creating unique prints, etc, the proceeds of which will be donated to the relief efforts. My favorites here, here, here and here.

March 3, 2011

Inspired By…

by kmcopeland

I’ve got jet-setting on my mind. Maybe it’s because our trip to Egypt got cancelled, maybe it’s because I seem to live in the only place in the Northern hemisphere where it’s actually getting colder, but I can’t stop thinking about hopping on a plane and heading south – somewhere warm, exotic and green. While the Swede and I aren’t of jet-setting status (yet!), my mom always told me to dream big. And I could seriously get down with a life of leisurely traveling the globe from one posh spot to another. That’s why this month’s inspiration is all about exotic pieces in bold & gold! My favorites are the gold leafed beer bottles…I see a DIY project in my future.

1. Gypset Style, $42 [Furbish Studio]
2. Ibiza Bangles, $12 [Furbish Studio]
3. Antiqued Giraffe Tapers, $38 each [Anthropologie]
4. Paisley Headsarf, $24 [Urban Outfitters]
5. Flutter Pattern Rug, $78 – $1198 [Anthropologie]
6.  Fuschia Dakota Loafers, $165 [Need Supply]
7. Truro Gold Bowl, $130-$498 [Vivre]
8. Chiffon Oversized Button-Up, $58 [American Apparel]
9. 9″ Beer Bottle, $140 [Vivre]


February 7, 2011

February Picks

by kmcopeland

Sweden in winter is a lesson in different shades of gray – gray skies, gray slush, gray moods. That’s why this month’s picks are decidedly un-gray. If I can’t have blue skies outside, I shall create my own land of perpetually cheerful blue-ness…

For the Home:

  1. Old House Bookshelf, $179 [Urban Outfitters]
  2. Vintage Seiko clock, $31 [Etsy]
  3. Ikat Ochre Tea Towels, $20/2 [Furbish Studio]
  4. Typewriter Linocut, $20 [Etsy]
  5. Albero Pillow, $20 [CB2]
  6. Wandering Ikat Shade, $115 [Anthropologie]

For Me:

  1. Converse Hi Tops, $45 [Zappos]
  2. Silky Trouser Shorts, $78 [Madewell]
  3. Maritime Dress, $78 [J. Crew]
  4. Tasseled Scarf, $20 [Need Supply]
  5. Delicate Genuine Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, $20 [Urban Outfitters]

Still not convinced? Just look at these pictures and try not to smile…

Images via N.E.E.T. Magazine, Bolaget Realty, Pinterest

Images via Hus & Hem & Pinterest


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