well hello, j. crew

by kmcopeland

I got an email today from my friends at J. Crew informing me that they’re now shipping all the way to Sweden.  And they’re giving me free shipping, free returns and duty-free shopping all the way until April 30th! In celebration of this momentous day, I did a little browsing. Here are a few of my top picks for spring…

Jacquard Dot Popover / Printed Washed Scarf / Envelope Dreamweaver Clutch / Lilibeth Patent Sandals / Ankle Zip Toothpick Jeans

2 Comments to “well hello, j. crew”

  1. love all of this–all so springy! what a momentous day–hope you also celebrated by purchasing some fun things too.

    hope things are well on y’alls side the pond. we saw dash saturday and sunday of this past weekend and it made me miss y’all even more. hope to see you soon and things are going great!

    • Yay for spring! I have until the end of April to decide exactly what I want to get. 🙂 Things are great! We talked to Dash last week and he said he had seen y’all. (jealous!) Things are going well…when are y’all planning a visit over here?!?

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