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September 13, 2011

five things

by kmcopeland

Wow, I am not doing too well at blogging these days. Here are, at the very least, five things that make me smile this week.

number 1 // a sun-drenched living room
number 2 // a perfect outfit for fall
number 3 // dancing on my own
number 4 // a minimalist desk
number 5
 // delicate wire works

September 6, 2011

five things monday

by kmcopeland

Mondays are hard when you’re a commuter. When the alarm clock rings at that ungodly hour, I’m always convinced that I’ve somehow made a mistake in setting it. I think it’s because the weekends lull you into this relaxed state where you’re no longer bound to a train’s time table – you’re an independent person with actual free will! It’s lovely. But then comes Monday and reality hits. But today I am choosing to fight my case of the Mondays with five things that make me think maybe this day isn’t so bad.

no.1 blueberry preserves & blueberry cupcakes
no. 2
no. 3 dreamweaver chair
no. 4 dreaming travel by Susan Schwake
no. 5 new shoes

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