by kmcopeland

I have been a very slack blogger lately. Not just because of the trip to Spain. Truth be told, I’ve been in a sort of blogging slump. I haven’t felt a real desire to do anything with the blog and I’m feeling a crisis of “where is this going” sort of thing. I’m still working that out, so be patient with me!  On the brighter side, it seems that a lot the creative energy that was going into the blog has been redirected into projects around the apartment.  I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve accomplished during my phase of lightly blogging.

  1. Remember I said I wanted a piece of lucite furniture? Mission accomplished! I scored this lucite coffee table from Blocket (Sweden’s craigslist) for next to nothing. I am thinking of putting a couple of these underneath it and painting the insides of them a bright color. Or maybe just paint them all over. Turquoise maybe?
  2. We finally put up a light in the kitchen! I went for a more industrial look because I think we’ve decided to stick with the black cabinet doors (gasp!) and I think those two elements work well together. I am still planning on repainting the walls and taking down the wallpaper, but one thing at a time folks. The lamp is this one from IKEA.
  3. We installed our closet which, as you can tell, is not really a closet at all!  I love, love, love the way it turned out. Note of caution: hanging shelf + plaster walls = heated discussions shouting matches with your significant other.
  4. We got bedside tables, put up our makeshift headboard (a vintage wooden tapestry) and I scored some AMAZEBALLS gold table lamps. Those lamps might be my favorite purchase since moving to Sweden. They are so unbelievably awesome.

Not too shabby, eh?


2 Comments to “updates!”

  1. Replies, by line item :-).
    1) Love the lucite coffee table on Bessie! Does it cover up her armpits enough for you to feel like you didn’t get hosed?
    2) Are you planning on repainting the walls all the way to the top or will you stand with Swedish tradition and leave a random 3 inches white from the ceiling? What color are you thinking?
    3) Also, I love that you refer to the closet as “ours”, when in all actuality it’s really just yours.
    4) Those lamps are very, very awesome.
    It’s really coming together!!

  2. Ha, I will follow in Stef’s footsteps and reply by line.

    1) LOVE, love the lucite coffee table. So glad you were able to find one and cheap! Looking forward to seeing a picture after you put the colorful magazine boxes underneath.

    2) I really like the light in the kitchen the industrial look is something I’m starting to like a lot more and this looks fantastic here. What color are you planning on repainting the walls?

    3) The closet turned out great, would have to agree looks like the “ours” is more yours, too funny!!

    4) Amen to those lamps, they’re great—and look sooo good!

    LOVE everything you’ve done and look forward to seeing more as it goes. And hopefully sometime sooner than later, seeing it all in person!

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