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July 29, 2011

friday’s fancy

by kmcopeland

Sailing trips of late have made me realize that I am seriously lacking in sea-worthy attire. These items should fix that problem right up…And remember this DIY bracelet that I wanted to make? That’s the colorful bracelet shown above. Yay for craftiness! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 & my own DIY / 7 / 8

Photos taken by me!



July 26, 2011

project reupholster chair: accomplished

by kmcopeland

So I finally conquered the chair project I’ve had on my to-do list for about 3 months now! We found this chair for 100 kronors (about 15 bucks) at a yard sale and loved the shape. And, come on, it was 15 bucks.  The plaid fabric just didn’t scream “Katie” to me, so I decided to tackle a recovering project. I have no problem finding fabric I like  – finding fabric that I can also afford, on the other hand…not so easy. So, I decided to make my own fabric inspired by this Quadrille fabric that I love.

I went to IKEA and bought three meters of their basic white fabric, then went to the local hobby shop to buy some fabric dye. Here’s how I made her pretty:

I took off the old reupholstery jobs (two layers) and got down to the original fabric. We debated taking this off as well but thought it could be a can of worms, so opted to just leave it. I used the pieces of the old covers as templates to cut out the new pieces from the fabric.

I mixed the fabric paint with water to make it easier to work with and got paintin’. I waited 24 hours for the paint to dry and then ironed it to set the color. I wasn’t going to include this ironing picture because everyone pretty much knows how to do that, but the Swede is terribly proud of this iron, so I promised him it would be in this post.

I fitted the new fabric to the chair so it would be perfectly snug and then sewed everything together. Last step was nailing it in place and, voila, a brand new chair! Here it is one more time:

I am 95% satisfied with the results. The 5% dissatisfaction can be attributed to: a) wishing I would have done smaller brush strokes and had more zig zags, and; b) the small wrinkles that I can’t get out of the back because the chair has what can best be described as a pot belly – it’s fatter down towards the seat. If anyone has some suggestions for how to fix that, I’m all ears!

July 22, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland

It’s been quite a while since my last links post. Here’s what I’ve been peeping at for the last few weeks…

Have a happy weekend!

July 20, 2011

take off your coat & stay awhile

by kmcopeland

I have wanted wallpaper in my house for the last five years – ever since I visited Sweden one Christmas and flipped through an issue of Sköna Hem that had a story on its comeback in the world of home decor. I have finally decided that I am brave enough to do it. Wallpaper in the entryway is happening, my friends. Here are a few of the pictures that have inspired me to take the plunge:

via Sköna HemBolaget

via Alvhem Mäkleri

via Alvhem Mäklericoco + kelley

via Alvhem Mäkleri

via Bolaget

via Bolaget

July 19, 2011

well, that’s pretty

by kmcopeland

I might be incredibly late in sharing this gem, but I just discovered the online shop Pigeon Toe and pretty much love everything in it.  All items are hand crafted and, as they describe them, “naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming.” Their mission is to provide modern pieces that evoke the feeling of an heirloom from the past. I’d have to say they nailed it, wouldn’t you?

rocking votives / banded wood coasters / folded salt and pepper bowls / stacking thimble cups / striped vase / Scribble planter /  banded bedside carafe

July 18, 2011


by kmcopeland

Pictorial justification for my recent purchase of high waisted jeans from Monki. Have already worn them several times and can’t get enough.

Pictures via Helmi OtsallaClothesHorse NYC, Lulila and Milk

July 15, 2011


by kmcopeland

I have been a very slack blogger lately. Not just because of the trip to Spain. Truth be told, I’ve been in a sort of blogging slump. I haven’t felt a real desire to do anything with the blog and I’m feeling a crisis of “where is this going” sort of thing. I’m still working that out, so be patient with me!  On the brighter side, it seems that a lot the creative energy that was going into the blog has been redirected into projects around the apartment.  I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve accomplished during my phase of lightly blogging.

  1. Remember I said I wanted a piece of lucite furniture? Mission accomplished! I scored this lucite coffee table from Blocket (Sweden’s craigslist) for next to nothing. I am thinking of putting a couple of these underneath it and painting the insides of them a bright color. Or maybe just paint them all over. Turquoise maybe?
  2. We finally put up a light in the kitchen! I went for a more industrial look because I think we’ve decided to stick with the black cabinet doors (gasp!) and I think those two elements work well together. I am still planning on repainting the walls and taking down the wallpaper, but one thing at a time folks. The lamp is this one from IKEA.
  3. We installed our closet which, as you can tell, is not really a closet at all!  I love, love, love the way it turned out. Note of caution: hanging shelf + plaster walls = heated discussions shouting matches with your significant other.
  4. We got bedside tables, put up our makeshift headboard (a vintage wooden tapestry) and I scored some AMAZEBALLS gold table lamps. Those lamps might be my favorite purchase since moving to Sweden. They are so unbelievably awesome.

Not too shabby, eh?

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