take five [art wall]

by kmcopeland

I am trying to decide how to put up our art on the large wall in our living room, and it turns out that this is an agonizing decision for me.  Every time I think I have committed to something, I see another picture that makes me doubt my original decision.

I love, love, love the floor to ceiling look, but I did that it in our last house so I am feeling a little “been there, done that” about it. But, I see all of pretty pictures like these and I think it’s not so bad to stick with something if you love it.

The Old Brand New / The Selby / The Selby / Hus och Hem / Remodelista

The cluster I could get behind because it’s really just a toned down, reined in version of the above option. It still has the whimsy, especially when the art seems to trail off, almost like there’s much more to the story!  Another positive – it doesn’t require such an extensive art collection.

From the Right Bank
 / Rue Mag / Decor8 / Hilda Grahnat / Mint / Emily Henderson

The type-A in me likes the order and neatness of the straight rows.

Bolaget Inspiration / Sköna Hem /  Lonny Mag / Rue Mag / Dress Design Decor

Argh, thought this would help. Not so much. My goal is to have the outlines up this week, so I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out…


2 Responses to “take five [art wall]”

  1. Love all the full wall art display ideas you have put together!


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