ideas [bathroom no.1 & no.2]

by kmcopeland

I am currently having a Jeckel/Hyde moment in regards to our tiny little bathroom. One side of me wants bright and happy and girly, and the other side of me wants, well, the exact opposite. Of course I have some time on my hands, so I got crafty to see how my visions would look in computer real-life. Now, I need your help deciding.

First option is in your face girly that I’m pretty sure I’d have to do when the Swede is asleep. I’m thinking purple ceiling, ba-right yellow shower curtain and a pretty print.

print / mirror / shower curtain / soap dispenser / dish / towels


I could opt for sophisticated and subdued with black and white, a botanical shower curtain, and splashes of gold. Still girly, but just manly enough:

frame gallery / shower curtain / mirror / glass jars / towels / laundry basket

Now that I’m finished, this exercise really just made me realize that I am so not an option 1 kind of girl. Sophisticated manliness it is.


3 Comments to “ideas [bathroom no.1 & no.2]”

  1. i don’t usually comment, because i dont usually have a strong opinion. but today i do! option 2 is the correct choice. i think the purple is what i’m having a strong reaction to, i like the shower curtain in number 1…but purple?!?! that just doesn’t fit the kt i know!

    • You are right. I like the idea of purple, I really, really do. But really, if you shop in the little boys section at Target, you are just not a purple ceiling kind of girl.

  2. I was going to vote option 1 until your closing statement. Yes, I guess I see it, you are not a fussy girl, of course! The bright colors just had me excited thinking of Kelly Wearstler and Furbish type endeavors. I do love the idea of painting the ceiling.

    Either way, they are both fabulous!

    Btw, you have a claw foot tub in the new place? I hate you!! 🙂

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