help with kitchen [part 1]

by kmcopeland

I need your help. As you know, we recently bought a flat here in Malmö. We move in just two short weeks, and one of my first projects is going to be the kitchen. This is what it currently looks like:

I know that it’s not terrible. It has that pretty Scandinavian thing going for it with the white floors and butcher block countertop. But I don’t love the colors. I don’t hate them, but it’s such an easy thing to change in order to make the space more “us,” you know?  Plus, you can’t tell from the photos, but it’s a narrow galley kitchen with just that one window that faces the courtyard. Long story short, it doesn’t get tons of sun so I want to use colors to make it very bright and cheerful. So, I am considering two options:

column 1: desire to inspire, emmas designblogg, Design*Sponge/column 2: housetohome, Emma Lee Photography, Bloggers Abode

column 1: House & Home, Martha Stewart, Pernila Head via Apartment Therapy, Hus & Hem/column 2: Bolaget, Paul Raeside via Apartment Therapy, Coastal Living

I like gray because it is clean without being sterile. It is also such an easy neutral to work with, so I could easily change out accessories to fit my mood. Blue, though, is a cheerful, happy color that would make me smile every morning (and, for some reason, I’ve been all about blue lately). I think both colors would brighten up the room tremendously and make it feel much more open.

I really like the idea of leaving the cabinet frames white and just painting the doors the color of choice.

Or maybe just painting the bottom cabinets a color and leaving the top ones white?

Or maybe just having stark white cabinets with color on the walls or backsplash?

See, I told you I need help. Please??


10 Responses to “help with kitchen [part 1]”

  1. Ohhh – I really like the blue doors photo. Looks like it could plug right in there. Any chance for a gray backsplash and blue doors? Those colors would seem to complement each other quite well.

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I love the blue- very pretty! Congrats on the flat- I love reading your posts! xoxo

  3. My vote is most certainly for the blue (more teal/aqua really though- right?) and that is saying a lot because blue isn’t always my favorite color- but I love the way it creates a soothing cheerful space and I love the contrast with white. You can also accent with different colors depending on your mood! So exciting!

  4. I think the blue is a great idea, I like the seafoam color or a really beautiful, bright and yet peaceful cornflower blue or even a periwinkle (one of my personal fav’s)! I like the idea of painting the doors and leaving the frames white. Also painting the bottom or top ones and leaving the other level white sounds nice too.

  5. I really like the blue idea also! I think it’ll definitely brighten up the place as well. Accessories with blue will be a lot of fun too, like yellows, etc! Can’t wait to see what you do to the place, it’s going to be amazing no doubt!

  6. I’m going to pat myself on the back first as the only guy who would possibly respond to this post. Now that bit of self love aside, I think you should do gray doors, and paint the wall blue. Why? If the blue got old to look at, repainting the wall is a heck of a lot easier than repainting a cabinet. I do like how the black there matches the grout, but i understand the need for light here. That said, I think you will have to account for having some black accessories here and there to pull it together. If you want to get crazy, paint the doors over the sink blue, the rest gray.

  7. Gray! or Blue- compromise and go slate gray-the best of both worlds.

  8. I thought for sure I was going to vote gray until I saw the gorgeous shade of blue you chose. I guess the deciding factor to me would be about my current kitchen accessories and how quickly I tire of things.

    If you tire of anything quickly, I would stay away from the teal. With the gray, you can mix things up as much as you want.

    For some reason the simplicity of the Scandinavian “bones” of that kitchen also seems to be asking for a gold Morrocan pendant fixture. Just sayin… 🙂


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