run tell that

by kmcopeland

  1. This eclectic home photographed by Martin Löf, found via Lotta Agaton (and pictured above)
  2. The cheerful artwork of Rachel Castle, found via Black*Eiffel
  3. Fun new blog “for those of us who can’t afford a stylist”
  4. Jeff Bridges’ photographs of the making of True Grit, found via
  5. Currently singing along to Cookies & Beans – one part Dixie Chicks, one part Iris Dement with some hints of jazz thrown in (I recommend “First We Take Manhattan”)
  6. J. Crew’s fall collection is purrrty
  7. Inspired by this new Australian shelter mag
  8. Blown away by this ridiculously creative post by Miss Moss
  9. I want this purse real bad.
  10. 80s Swedish music video awesomeness. You’re welcome.

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