run tell that

by kmcopeland

  1. Photos from the Vasser College archive on Flickr, via Miss Moss
  2. These funky Monkey Prints at Furbish Studio
  3. I Need Nice Things, a website devoted to making good art accessible and affordable, found via seesaw
  4. of these outfits.
  5. West Elm’s new modern collection that features Scandinavian-inspired goods for the kitchen and dining room.
  6. The apartment of blogger Dabito featured on sfgirlbybay
  7. When Like a Lark, a new favorite fashion tumblr page
  8. Amy Borrell’s illustrations are so lovely, I want all of them! Her blog is pretty, too.
  9. Loving this loft apartment. This blog is just pretty awesome in general.
  10. I discovered Jan Skacelik’s prints on Etsy some time ago, and I’ve been lusting after them ever since. He also has a very cool studio where he works his magic.

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