by kmcopeland

Sad because we didn’t get the flat we bid on. The old lady who currently resides there couldn’t move out until late July. Not sure if she was really aware of what month it was when she put her apartment up for sale, because I would assume people looking for apartments now want to move in sooner than 6 months from now. But whatever, i’m not bitter.

Happy because I went semi-thrifting this weekend and scored some pretty sweet things, if I do say so myself. I would regret making these purchases since we now don’t have a flat to put them in, but they’re too awesome to hate on.

Find 1: this SICK miniature rattan fan chair. The Swede was all “what purpose will it serve?” And I’m all, “I’m not really sure but I don’t really care because it’s awesome just sitting there being itself!” (Yes I know I need to vignette it up, but we are utterly accessory-less at the moment, so bare with me a couple of months.)

Find 2: a diz-ope vintage table cloth that I realize now is kind of hard to see in this pic. It’s orange, red, yellow and purple and is just the happiest darn table cloth I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to use it on the dining room table we don’t currently have! That chair he’s sitting on is another thrift find that was technically free (we got it thrown in when we purchased yet another thrifted item). It rivals the tablecloth’s dopeness.

So there you have it, sad but also happy. A mixed bag of emotions, if you will.


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