We’re Going on a Picnic

by kmcopeland

A friend of ours recently bought a 1960s Beetle, and I have to say we’re a bit jealous. Especially when said friend talks about all of the trips he plans on taking to the countryside once the weather gets nicer. He invited us for a spring picnic when it gets warmer, and I’m more than a little excited. Not that you could tell or anything. I am slightly obsessed with owning that vintage picnic basket. Look at it, it even has places for wine bottles. (I tried to be kosher and include a thermos and water bottle in my post, but I think we all know the basket would primarily tote bottles of vino.)

In other news, another person placed a higher bid on the apartment we’re after so we had to counter. This whole process is really anxiety inducing, which is even more justification for me owning that picnic basket…and two bottles of wine.

Clockwise from top left: Vintage Picnic Basket, $65 [Platsi Place]; Volvo picture via here; Corduroy Floor Pillows, $29 [Urban Outfitters]; Kelli Throw, $50 [Crate & Barrel]; Braided High Swedish Hasbeens, $220 [Swedish Hasbeens]; Conversational Pompom Scarf, $24 [Urban Outfitters]; Glass Water Bottle, $30 [Furbish Studio]; Classic Stanley Thermos, $48 [Urban Outfitters]; Round Tray, $50 [Furbish Studio]; Quilting Circle Napkin, $6 [Anthropologie]; Sahara sunglasses, $18 [Need Supply]

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2 Comments to “We’re Going on a Picnic”

  1. believe it or not we actually have a picnic basket just like that – its in our attic or something. i will have to pull it out so I can be cool. Not as cool as the said friend with the 1960s Beetle but maybe a close second.

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