I Spy

by kmcopeland

My excessive internetting/ability to read/ability to take a hint leads me to believe that colorblocking is in, like, big time (reference here, here, here and here). My general thoughts on the matter are 1) I should try it because it makes me happy looking at it and if it makes me happy looking at it, it will probably make me happy wearing it, and; 2) go big or go home – there is no half-assing it with this trend. So go forth and block ye colors.

Left to right, top rowMurano Candy Striped Tumbler, €48 [Anthropologie UK]; Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Shift Dress, $59 [Urban Outfitters]; Iphone 4 Cover, $35 [Kate Spade]. Middle row: Haven Block Heel Suede Platform Sandals, $170 [ASOS]; Skinny Studio Trousers, $60 [Zara]; Bargello Windmill Pillow, $175 [Jonathan Adler]. Bottom row: Pantone Espresso Set, $50 [A+R]; Rice dk Melamine Sushi Trays, $50 [huset]


2 Comments to “I Spy”

  1. Oh goodness I love all of this. Makes me want to try. Come back and help style a color block outfit, kthanks!

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