Run Tell That…

by kmcopeland
  1. You must watch Teach me How to Panda right now.
  2. Bike Love. More of Moritz Resl here.
  3. This online magazine that features the homes of normal people. It is lovely.
  4. Stylish prescription glasses for 95 bucks! Even better, for every pair bought, they give a pair to someone in need.
  5. Iron & Wine’s new album. Can’t stop listening to “Godless Brother in Love.”
  6. Everything in Bodkin’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.
  7. New blog I love: Wit+Delight. It’s a very pretty, well curated collection of all things fashion and design related. Be sure to check out her post on the French woman’s approach to shopping.

Image via Pinterest


4 Comments to “Run Tell That…”

  1. I sense a new video for Doin’ the Panda. And thanks for Iron and Wine – great find!!

  2. Meant to tell you that I saw a pair of glasses featured in Dave’s GQ this month like yours (but for dudes) and guess what, they are Warby Parker. Look at you way ahead of fashion…

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