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March 30, 2011

wishful wednesday [daniel hertzell]

by kmcopeland

Today I’m wishing I lived in any one of Swedish photographer Daniel Hertzell’s photographs.  His interior photos perfectly capture the feeling of being comfortably lived in and somehow very familiar, like someone might walk in the door at any moment. Me likey.

You can see more of his work below, here and here.

March 29, 2011

paper animals

by kmcopeland

Clockwise from top left: Osborne & Little, Scalamandre, Osborne & Little, and Lulu DK

I’m kind of obsessed with animal wallpaper ever since seeing it in the latest issue of Rue Magazine (see this post, bottom left corner). Maybe it’s because I miss having a pet in my life; maybe it’s just because it’s freaking awesome, but I heart it big time.  I think those dogs would have a kickass time in my (future) entryway/foyer or giving me a fun little surprise as the lining in the back of a bookcase.  Bad news is, they only have sellers in Stockholm and major cities in the US (frown). I am seriously considering a customized stencil with pugs, boston terriers (maybe french bulldogs?), weiner dogs and boxers. Thinking cap on!

March 28, 2011

take five

by kmcopeland

Images via Hus och Hem (here and here), Design*Sponge, emmas designblogg, and Rue Magazine

Like the majority of people I know, I pretty much hate Mondays. They’re just so…blah. (my inability to think of a better word than “blah” can be directly blamed on my case of the Mondays, for example).

How do I get out of the Monday blues? I hit the internet h-a-r-d so I can fill my head with pretty things. This post is all about sharing my finds with you – here are five pretty pictures to cheer you up and give you a respite from this oh-so-shittiest of days. Go ahead, take five minutes to enjoy them!

March 27, 2011

run tell that

by kmcopeland

  1. Photos from the Vasser College archive on Flickr, via Miss Moss
  2. These funky Monkey Prints at Furbish Studio
  3. I Need Nice Things, a website devoted to making good art accessible and affordable, found via seesaw
  4. of these outfits.
  5. West Elm’s new modern collection that features Scandinavian-inspired goods for the kitchen and dining room.
  6. The apartment of blogger Dabito featured on sfgirlbybay
  7. When Like a Lark, a new favorite fashion tumblr page
  8. Amy Borrell’s illustrations are so lovely, I want all of them! Her blog is pretty, too.
  9. Loving this loft apartment. This blog is just pretty awesome in general.
  10. I discovered Jan Skacelik’s prints on Etsy some time ago, and I’ve been lusting after them ever since. He also has a very cool studio where he works his magic.
March 25, 2011

friday fancy [march madness]

by kmcopeland

Consider this a special shout out to my favorite team during the madness that consumes us every March. What better way to show my loyalty and support than a roundup of my favorite Carolina blue home goods? Go Heels!

Side note: I know that I might alienate a fair portion of the 4 people who read this blog, but hopefully you can overlook it this once. Go ACC, right?

Sources: 1. Zig Zag Jaipuri Rug, $650 [Calypso St. Barth] 2. Carlisle Settee, $1400 [Jayson Home & Garden] 3. Alma Statuette [Made Goods] 4. Claire Faux Bamboo Mirror, $640 [Clayton Gray Home]; 5. Modernist Mug, $10 [West Elm] 6. Alegra Hicks: An Eye  for Design, $40 [Anthropologie] 7. Dotted Trellis Pillow, $60 [Dwell Studio]

March 24, 2011

maxed out

by kmcopeland

Clockwise from top left, images via here, here, here, here, here and here

Man these girls look cool. I feel like the maxi skirt very European in that nonchalant, thrown together yet polished kind of way. And that’s what I need more of in my wardrobe. Also, it appears that if you go maxi on the bottom, you can go sloppy up top. Baggy sweatshirt with big flowy skirt down low? I’m in!

Options I’m considering:

Long Skirt, $38 [Need Supply], Basic Wonder Skirt, $33 [Mod Cloth] or Silence & Noise Long Knit Skirt, $50 [Urban Outfitters]

Also, boobs.

March 24, 2011

rue thoughts

by kmcopeland

What I liked:

The studio/office of event planners bash, please

DIY sunburst mirror

Bailey’s house. Everything about it was awesome, including, but not limited to, this photograph.

What I found weird/tediously artsy/annoying:

That this magazine seems to be tailored toward a younger, more hip audience but all of the items in it are “contact for price” shit. Um, I’m young, but I’m also poor, and so are most of the people in my age bracket. And most hipsters for that matter.

This weird desert house, three person dinner party and then an endless photo montage of them frolicking in the sand.

This very odd dinner party that actually kind of frightened me. Maybe I’m not cool enough to get it?

Your thoughts?

    March 23, 2011


    by kmcopeland

    Sad because we didn’t get the flat we bid on. The old lady who currently resides there couldn’t move out until late July. Not sure if she was really aware of what month it was when she put her apartment up for sale, because I would assume people looking for apartments now want to move in sooner than 6 months from now. But whatever, i’m not bitter.

    Happy because I went semi-thrifting this weekend and scored some pretty sweet things, if I do say so myself. I would regret making these purchases since we now don’t have a flat to put them in, but they’re too awesome to hate on.

    Find 1: this SICK miniature rattan fan chair. The Swede was all “what purpose will it serve?” And I’m all, “I’m not really sure but I don’t really care because it’s awesome just sitting there being itself!” (Yes I know I need to vignette it up, but we are utterly accessory-less at the moment, so bare with me a couple of months.)

    Find 2: a diz-ope vintage table cloth that I realize now is kind of hard to see in this pic. It’s orange, red, yellow and purple and is just the happiest darn table cloth I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to use it on the dining room table we don’t currently have! That chair he’s sitting on is another thrift find that was technically free (we got it thrown in when we purchased yet another thrifted item). It rivals the tablecloth’s dopeness.

    So there you have it, sad but also happy. A mixed bag of emotions, if you will.

    March 23, 2011

    wishful wednesday [deko]

    by kmcopeland

    This week’s installment of wishful wednesdays features a home from Deko, a Finnish magazine I found through this blog that I love.  Things I love about it include: 1) that they put their records on display and have a giant A on their wall (you might also remember that I’m really feeling this color palette lately);

    2) the chevron floors (duh) and painted legs of the dining room table (a nice alternative to the painted chairs that you see so often these days);

    3) the light, bright and airy kitchen;

    4) that amazeballs wallpaper that I want likerightnow;

    5) that ridiculously cute elephant vignette and monkey hook in the kids room; and,

    6) everything about the simplicity and rustic feel of this balcony (porch?).

    This lesson is concluded.

    Photos by Jorma Marstio

    March 22, 2011

    malmö, beautiful

    by kmcopeland

    Today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, 11 degrees. I even had on short sleeves during my run. SHORT SLEEVES!

    I’ve noticed lately that Malmö kind of gets a bad rap. Everyone writes about the high crime rate, the “industrial” feel, and the overall lack of style.

    I have to respectfully disagree. I think there’s a lot of charm to any city that has a history of hard work. Maybe it’s not conventionally “pretty,” but it definitely has character. And sure, you won’t see runway looks on the streets of Malmö, but that’s only because people here are edgy and don’t simply mimic what’s “in style.” Instead, they take styles and make them their own. And the high crime rate is just laughable.

    I plan on proving people wrong with this here blog, and here’s my first testament to this pretty city:




    Rant over. On another note, I love how Instagram makes you an instantly amazing photographer!

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