Reporting From Ireland

by kmcopeland

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, I was en route to Dublin, Ireland! The Swede and I have a packed schedule, so you’ll just have to make due with pretty pictures from the Emerald Isle for the next few days. 🙂 Here are some to start you off, all taken by the Swede himself.

Our first pints of Guinness at The Dawson Lounge, “Probably the Smallest Pub in Ireland”

A pretty collection of shoe molds at Market Bar

More to come later…stay tuned!

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2 Comments to “Reporting From Ireland”

  1. oh goodness! so jealous, know keary would be too. enjoy a few guinness’ for us!

  2. OK, for real, his pictures are AMAZING!!!!! Has he posted any of these to one of those stock photo websites where you get paid for your photos? Not sure if he’s even interested in that, but I know Leanne tried that with some of hers. I *may* need to buy that Guinness pic for my brother – his bday is coming up in July. Let’s discuss over email once y’all are back from your trip. Have a GREAT time!!!

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