Friday’s Fancy: Ombre Dishes

by kmcopeland

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I am seriously digging the 70’s trend, so I was delighted to come across Sketch42’s blog post about purple ombre dishes. Said my gut to me: those are fabulous and you have to have some immediately. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve managed to live this long without owning an ombre dish set. Everything seems so lackluster now…so dull…so solid-colored. I am convinced that life will be exponentially better once I have ombre dishes in my possession: my cocktails will be perfectly mixed; my water will always have cut up lemons and/or limes in it; everyone will want to come to parties at my house.  I have found some that I like but would like you to weigh in:

Teal & fabulous:

via Etsy

Turquoise & equally fabulous:

on Etsy

Metal & badass:

The first two pictures are not a set, but I think I could get away with having all of it together. Plus, they are very much my color of the moment. While the silver ombre glasses are FANTASTIC, I really hate that there are only three. What do you think?


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