by kmcopeland

Since the purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for my home decor fantasies and an escape from the realities of my 300 sq. ft. apartment, it makes sense to post about houses that I’m currently stalking on Hemnet. Lägenlove is my weak attempt at a clever play on words – the word for apartment in Swedish is lägenhet. Get it??

Today’s installment is an extremely affordable flat in a great location…it just needs some lovin’. After buying an old 40s era house in downtown Raleigh to renovate, the Swede and I swore we would never again buy a home that needed any kind of work. But, alas, old habits die hard. We are going to see this one on Saturday…could it be THE ONE?!?!

I like that it has such large windows…and the original wood flooring is a definite plus.

This is technically the bedroom. It’s a little weird that you access the balcony from the bedroom, but I love the fact that it has one. I think that nook where the couch is would make a perfect little office area.

The view from the balcony. Cute, right?

I know what you’re thinking…scary. But, I love that it has a tub, and you can tell that it’s been kept very clean…both positives in my book. Plus, I know from personal experience that bathrooms are relatively easy to update.

The kitchen has great potential I think. The cabinets are in good condition, so we might just have to replace or even repaint the doors and throw on new hardware for a completely new look. The Swede thinks that the floor is original and that there’s most likely pine flooring underneath.
Sounds like a fun little project, no?

All in all, I’m excited to see it. What say you?


One Comment to “Lägenlove”

  1. um…i’m all for y’all buyin a place and puttin urselves through another renovation hell..but more importantly, is there a guest bedroom????

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